Smithland Pool

Along with Meldahl and Markland this may be the best pool on the River for bass, especially largemouth. There are many championship bass tournaments held on this pool.

Keep in mind that this pool also produces trophy flatheads on a regular basis.

If you are fishing for bass fish the Cypress trees and always fish the stumps, weeds, laydowns, and rock in the main River.

Tailrace Waters Below The Dam At John. T. Myers (Mile 846)

Like all waters below dams this will produce some fish. It is not, however, one of the better areas. Upon occasion it will produce flathead catfish worthy of note.

Wabash River (Illinois-848.1)

The mouth is productive at times, especially in years when there is good weed growth. The Wabash River itself can be productive. Fish the shoreline cover for bass and the cuts, holes, and overhangs for catfish.

Raliegh Bar (Kentucky-Mile 854)

Very shallow—when there is weed growth on and around this bar, fish it for bass.

Old Shawneetown (Illinois-Mile 858)

Noted for reference and navigation purposes only.

Cincinnati Island (Mile 861)

This island is generally considered to be a sleeper area for bass. Locals fish it with regularity and catch fish. There is very shallow water around the island so boat and fish with care.

Sturgeon Island (Illinois-Mile 870)

The Illinois side of this island produces huge largemouth bass, especially in years when the weeds are heavy and thick.

Old Lock And Dam #50 (Kentucky-Mile 876)

There is a fine public access site at this location. Fish the rubble and debris from the old dam for both catfish and bass. Fish with live bait or cut bait for flatheads; jigs or drop shot rigs for bass.

Cave In Rock Island (Mile 880)

This is one of the best locations in the pool. It is a productive multi-species location popular with nearly every angler familiar with this pool.

Plews Island And Hurricane Island (Mile 885-889.5)

The River splits in this area with the channel on the Illinois side. That does not prevent, however, anglers seeking any variety of species, from successfully fishing around the island—especially on the Kentucky side.

Carrsville, Kentucky (Kentucky-Mile 894)

This is located on an outside bend and so collects debris with some regularity. As such it will hold fish at times.

Grand Pierre Creek (Illinois-Mile 898)

One of the best kept secrets on this pool—fish it!

Rondeau Island (Mile 901)

This large island in the Smithland Pool holds largemouth and spotted bass year round. The snags, weeds, and stumps are producers, regardless of the season. The Illinois side, where the River channel is located, is serious flathead water.

Pryors Island (Kentucky-Mile 905)

Much of this area is shallow, swampy, and marsh like in nature. Nevertheless, it is a consistent producer of trophy largemouth bass.

Stewarts Island (Mile 912-915)

The upper point of Stewarts Island, known locally as the bayou area, is probably the best area of the pool for largemouth bass. Fish the acres of stumps and wood for “green fish” to your hearts content.

This is one of the “go to” areas of the pool for professional guides.

Old Maids Bar (Mile 916)

This bar is full of stumps, snags, and weeds. It is also full of bass.

Smithland Locks And Dams (Mile 918.5)

Boat and fish in the area around the dam with care. There is a fair amount of barge traffic on this pool. Fish the weed beds in front of the dam for bass.