Ohio River Angler’s Notes Montgomery Pool
Montgomery Pool

This pool is short—maybe 18 miles in length but still longer than the first two pools of the River combined. It holds all the usual upper Ohio River species. It has a reputation for quality walleye.

This pool is similar to the other upper pools of the River but enjoys a better reputation as a fishery. Perhaps because it is somewhat removed from the urbanization of Pittsburgh and because it benefits from a number of fine tributaries.

The upper pools of the River have numerous discharges, both hot and cold. These discharges create current, oxygen, baitfish, and favorable water temperatures. They should be fished if you are in the vicinity.

The following points are listed primarily for reference and to help you get started on the pool. As always, finding a local angler who is willing to share information with you is the best way to start.

There are several launch ramps on this pool. Check with local anglers and boaters for detailed information.

There are several areas in the Montgomery Pool that are available for quality shore fishing.

Tailrace Waters Below The Dashiels Dam (Mile 13.4)

These waters, like all tailrace areas, hold fish. Like all tailrace waters they should be fished with safety in mind.

Little Sewickley Creek (North/Pennsylvania-Mile 13.5)

This area, in years past, enjoyed a fine reputation but is not so well respected today. Still, it is worth a stop if you are in the area. Be careful—the water is shallow and there are a number of underwater obstructions.

Old Lock #4/Bear Trap Pier (West/Pennsylvania-Mile 18.5)

This area has a steep drop and will, upon occasion, hold fish.

Beaver River (North/Pennsylvania-Mole 25.6)

This is a major tributary to this pool. It holds a variety of species of fish and will generally produce year round. It is loaded with wood, rock, and other forms of cover which, when combined with existing structure, holds fish. The Beaver River is Chart #200A in your Chart folder.

Raccoon Run (South/Pennsylvania—Mile 29.7)

This is another sizeable tributary to the pool.

Montgomery Locks and Dam (Mile 31.7)

The area near the upper end of the dam will hold fish.