Dashields Pool

The Dashields Pool is very short—just 7.1 miles in length.

It, like the other upper pools of the River, holds smallmouth, walleye, sauger, white bass, stripers, hybrids, catfish, and an occasional musky.

The upper pools of the River, Dashields is an exception, have numerous discharges, both hot and cold. These discharges create current, oxygen, baitfish, and favorable temperatures at various seasons of the year. They should be fished if you are in the vicinity.

The following points are listed primarily for reference and to help you get started on the pool. As always, finding a local angler who is willing to share information with you is the best way to start.

Below the Emsworth Dam (Mile 6.2)

Fish the tailrace waters; they hold fish. Be careful, however, as this area is most dangerous—the water is swift and in places shallow, very shallow. The area is also full of snags, rock, and other lower unit ruining stuff.

Both sides of the River hold fish. Both sides of the River can be dangerous.

There are a couple of launching locations in this pool—check with the locals if you do not have experience on this pool.

Old Lock and Dam #2 (Mile 9.2)

This area is located on the north side of Neville Island.

This entire pool is loaded with shoals, shallow “islands”, and rocky or riprap areas. They all have the potential to hold fish. They also have the potential for danger. Be careful.

Fish this pool yourself for the experience—it is ever changing.