Ohio River Angler’s Notes Pike Island Pool
Pike Island Pool

Pike Island pool is very industrialized and somewhat urbanized. Although not the producer it was in past years it still produces fine catches of Ohio River fish, especially smallmouth.

It also has a reputation as a fine flathead pool.

The upper pools of the River, especially Pike Island with its high level of industrialization and urbanization, have numerous discharges, both hot and cold. These discharges create current, oxygen, baitfish, and favorable water temperatures. They should be fished if you are in the vicinity.

Tailrace Area Below The New Cumberland Dam (Mile 54.4)

This tailrace area is one of the best on the river—do not pass it up!

Do not pass up the rock areas and riprap along the banks below the dam, they consistently produce fish.

This area also has excellent locations for shore fishing.

Browns Island (Mile 61)

The area around Browns Island is full of rock, sand, and wood. It is a consistent producer of fish, especially smallmouth.

There are also several smaller islands in the area that are worth a cast or two.

Cables Eddy Lower Light & Beacon #65 (Ohio-Mile 65)

This is a hard outside bend in the river. There are a number of areas in this bend that deserve your attention. Pay particular attention to snags, large chunk rock, drift, and anywhere the current appears to be “unusual”.

The current can be swift in this area so be careful.

Small Creeks (Throughout The Pool):

There are a substantial number of small creeks, ditches, and wash-outs in this pool. They are usually good spots for a variety of species. Fish the mouths and drops in these areas.

Most of these areas have some weed growth—fish it.