Ohio River Angler’s Notes Robert C. Byrd Pool
Robert C. Byrd Pool

This is not the best pool on the River.

The walleye are beginning to thin out and the bass are not as plentiful as in other pools. Still, if you are in the area…

There is good shore access and fishing below the dam.

Tailrace Waters Below The Racine Dam (Mile 237.5)

These waters hold a fair number of fish all year.

Eight Mile Island (Mile 258)

Fish the rock!

Old Lock and Dam #25 (West Virginia-Mile 260.7)

The ruins are located on the West Virginia side and will hold several species of fish at various times of the year. Like most of the old lock and dam structures they are good spots for catfish.

Kanawha River (West Virginia-Mile 265.6)

This river runs well above Charleston, West Virginia. There are a variety of species that can be taken from the Kanawha. It is an excellent place to fish and should never be passed by or ignored. It can be navigated, by means of the locks and dams along its path, for many miles. See the photographs and discussion in the Tributaries Folder.

The area where this river flows into the Ohio is very congested and has heavy boat traffic. It should be boated with care.

Small Tributaries (All along the pool)

Fish the mouths of these smaller tributaries all along the pool. At times they will hold fish.

Rock Banks (All along the pool)

Fish the rock banks in this pool. There is not much structure or cover so the fish will use what they have. As always fish any place that is different or unusual.