Ohio River Angler’s Notes New Cumberland Pool
New Cumberland Pool

This is a three state pool—Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. This, the fourth pool of the River, is longer—over 20 miles.

It holds all the usual upper Ohio River species and is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful areas of the River. If you fish this pool take your camera—really, you should carry one anytime you fish—you never know when the “big one” will be boated!

Access can be had from any of the three states that border the New Cumberland Pool.

The following points are listed primarily for reference and to help you get started on the pool. As always, finding a local angler who is willing to share information with you is the best way to start.

There are several areas along this pool that provide access for shore anglers.

Tailrace Water Below The Montgomery Dam (Mile 31.7)

This area holds fish for those who are willing to fight the current.

Phillis Island (Mile 35.4)

This island is generally considered to be a smallmouth hotspot.

Georgetown Island (Mile 37.8)

Again an area to consider for smallmouth angling.

Little Beaver River (Ohio-Mile 39.5)

The water is somewhat shallow in this tributary but it has cover in the form of both rock and wood and is generally considered prime fishing.

Babbs island (Mile 42)

Fish the back side, Ohio, for excellent smallmouth action.

Baker Island (Mile 49.3)

Both the head and tail of this island produce game fish with regularity.

Yellow Creek (Ohio-Mile 50.4)

This is one of the best tributaries on the pool. It is replete with cover, both rock and wood, and produces a variety of species of fish.

Cluster Islands (Mile 52)

This is an excellent smallmouth spot.

New Cumberland Locks and Dam (Mile 54.4)

The shallow water areas in front of this dam produce largemouth bass as well as a few spots. Depending upon the weather, and the season, weed beds are a consistent producer. In years when there is little or no weed growth the area is not nearly so good.