McAlpine Pool

This pool runs from the rural areas of Switzerland County, Indiana to the Locks and Dam in Louisville, Kentucky.

Tailrace Waters Below The Markland Dam (Mile 531.5)

These waters are very popular and suffer a large amount of fishing pressure. Despite this, however, they still produce good catches of sauger, stripers, hybrids, and the occasional bass.

They hold excellent populations of catfish as well. In fact most of the River, especially from the Meldahl Pool to the mouth of the Mississippi, holds quality catfish.

Vevay Towhead Bar (Indiana-Mile 535-536)

This bar is very shallow and can be hazardous when boating and fishing. It can also produce excellent catches of largemouth bass.

Craigs Bar (Mile 542)

This bar is a consistent producer of bass and other game fish. Boat in this area with care as it is shallow and has a substantial number of dangerous underwater obstructions.

Carrollton, Kentucky (Kentucky-Mile 545)

One of the finest launch ramps in the lower half of the River.

This general area is well known among local anglers for producing quality flatheads as well as keeper bass.

The area receives a great deal of pressure due to tournaments but the fish are mostly released at the Carrollton ramp so this somewhat makes up for the pressure.

Kentucky River (Kentucky-Mile 545.9)

The mouth of this river is popular with a variety of anglers.

Indian Kentucky Creek (Indiana-Mile 550.5)

This creek is a fine multi-species location.

Small Creeks/Tributaries (From Below Carrollton upstream to the Markland Dam)

There are scores of small creeks, some named-some not, ditches and tributaries in this stretch of the River. They are all worth a few casts for the bass angler and some time for the catfish angler. At times anyone of them may hold quality fish. They are under fished to say the least.

Madison, Indiana (Indiana-Mile 558)

There are a couple of excellent launch ramps in Madison as well as a warf, a marina, and commercial grain facilities. All of these areas are worth some of your angling time regardless of what species you seek.

Small Creeks and Ditches (From Madison, Indiana To The Dam At McAlpin)

From Madison to the dam there are literally over 100 small, no name, creeks, ditches, and the like. The mouths of these areas where they flow into the River are almost always worth fishing. They have drops, weeds,, snags, and rock/gravel in the area. They almost always hold a fish or two.

Some serious flathead catfish are caught from these areas. There is really no way to identify them as they change from year to year due to River conditions. You must find the good ones yourself.

Corn Creek (Kentucky-Mile 570.6)

Marked for navigation only.

Eighteen Mile Island (Mile 582)

This is one of the few islands in the lower section of the River and the fish take advantage of it. The back side, Kentucky, is shallow but will hold bass from time to time.

If you are seeking catfish look for drops around and just off the island.

The Grassy Flats (Kentucky-Mile 585-586)

These shallow, grassy flats hold fish for eight or nine months out of the year. To catch them sharpen your shallow water angling skills. Buzzbaits and flukes are especially popular lure choices.

Fourteen Mile Creek (Indiana-Mile 589.3)

An excellent tributary for bass, mostly largemouth but some spots will show up in your creel as well.

While there fish the yacht club across the River.

Twelve Mile Island (Mile 593)

Fish the head and tail of this island no matter what species you seek.

Harrods Creek (Kentucky-Mile 596)

A long creek that is in Louisville, Kentucky. It deserves your attention regardless of the species. It is best known for catfish and bass. This creek is full of shallow areas so boat and fish with care.

Six Mile Island/Surrounding Area (Louisville-Mile 598)

For multi-species success fish all around the island and the surrounding area. This portion of the River is full of marinas, docks, barges, rock, rip rap, breakers, and manmade cover. Fish it all if you can; all the way down to the dam.

McAlpine Locks And Dam (Mile 606.8)

Fish the barges and other manmade structure and cover in the area. They will produce fine catches of stripers and hybrids.

The metropolitan area of Louisville is well known among local anglers for trophy flatheads.