Racine Pool

This is a very rural area of the Ohio River. You can get lost in its pristine beauty and splendor. If you like fishing away from civilization this is the pool for you.
Surprisingly there are several launching areas for this pool, both on the Ohio side and the West Virginia side. Check with local anglers/boaters and local maps for details.

Tailrace Waters Below The Belleville Dam (Mile 203.9)

These tailrace waters are consistent producers of sauger and white bass. There is plenty of rip rap and rock in this area to fish.

Rock Banks (Mile 208-210)

There are excellent rock banks along both sides of the River. Fish any area in this stretch of River that is different, unusual, or stands out for any reason—size, color, whatever.

Shade River (Ohio-Mile 210.6)

One of the best tributaries on the pool.

Old Lock and Dam #21 (Ohio-Mile 214.6)

There is an area of deep water and wood along the ruins of this dam. It is an excellent catfish spot.

Buffington Island (Mile 217)

Fish the rocky shoreline areas.

Rock Bar (West Virginia-Mile 222.8)

This rocky bar will hold fish at times.

Old Lock and Dam #23 (Ohio-Mile 231.4)

Try this area for both channel cats and flatheads.

Letart Island (Mile 235.3)

The head of this island consistently produces smallmouth bass and spotted bass.

Tributaries/Creeks/Ditches (All Along The Pool)

This pool has hundreds of small tributaries, creeks, and ditches flowing into it. They all will not produce but many of them will. If you are going to fish The Racine Pool on a regular basis get to know these areas well. Trial and error is the best method as different techniques will produce at different locations.