Greenup Pool

This is not the best black bass pool on the River. That said, however, it is an excellent catfish pool and will yield quality catches of other species if the angler is able to adjust his or her thinking. Manmade cover and structure is the key in this pool.

There are some natural areas, however, that will produce.

Tailrace Waters Below The Byrd Dam (Mile 279.2)

These waters produce sauger during the cooler months of the year. Catfish are taken regularly from this area on a year round basis.

Little Guyandot River (West Virginia-Mile 287.5)

Fish the mouth of this tributary for a variety of species. If weeds are present fish hard for black bass.

Rock Bank (Ohio-Mile 292.7)

This rock bank will produce nearly year round for catfish. It is worth a cast or two for bass as well.

Rock Bank (West Virginia-Mile 303)

This area has a respectable drop out from the bank is worth some effort, especially for catfish and bass.

Huntington, West Virginia (Mile 308)

This area of the pool is very congested.

Try fishing manmade structure and cover in this area—especially barges. Fish around the barges, especially anywhere they break the current.

Big Sandy River (West Virginia-Mile 317)

This tributary is certainly not much to look at but it will produce fish occasionally.

Ironton, Ohio (Mile 327.3)

Very congested area with a great deal of commercial traffic. Fish manmade structure and cover along this stretch of the pool.

Little Sandy River (Kentucky-Mile 336.5)

Just above the dam, Greenup, this tributary occasionally produces a few fish.

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  1. I grew up fishing this pool for Black Bass.

    Storm Creek, Captains Cove (not sure of creek name it has a marina in it and its not far above the Greenup Dam, and Little Sandy are the best places for Largemouth.