Hannibal Pool

This pool produces nice catches of a variety of species. There are several islands and countless creeks, tributaries, and ditches in this pool to fish.

Understandably, it is one of the most popular pools in the upper stretch of the River. Spotted bass are especially popular.

The upper pools of the River have numerous discharges, both hot and cold. These discharges create current, oxygen, baitfish, and favorable water temperatures. They should be fished if you are in the vicinity.

Tailrace Waters Below The Pike Island Dam (Mile 84.2)

These tailrace water produce fish year round.

There are excellent facilities in the area for shore fishing.

The Sister Islands (Mile 85-86)

Game fish are usually plentiful in the area of the Islands. The water can be shallow, however, so fish and boat with care.

Wheeling Island (Mile 89.5)

There is a rocky, rip rap shoreline and some wood cover in the waters surrounding this island.

There are abundant shore fishing opportunities in this area.

Wheeling Creek (West Virginia-Mile 90.8)

One of the best tributaries on the pool.

Captina Creek (Ohio-Mile 109.6)

Another excellent tributary in this pool.

Fish Creek Island (Mile 113)

Generally considered to be one of the best smallmouth areas of the pool.

Fish Creek (West Virginia-Mile 113.9)

Another good one.