Markland Pool

The lower end of the Markland Pool is in the general area of Cincinnati, Ohio. As such it is highly urbanized but produces, along with the Meldahl Pool just upriver, some of the best bass and catfish angling on the River.

Many bass and catfish tournaments are held in this area.

Tailrace Waters Below The Meldahl Dam (Mile 436.2)

This is one of the most popular areas of the middle section of the River. It produces stripers, hybrids, sauger, bass, and catfish year round.

There are opportunities for the bank angler as well as for those with boats.

Especially popular are the rock points or jagged areas of rock along the Kentucky side of the River. They produce several trophy smallmouth bass every year.

Moscow, Ohio (Ohio-Mile 442.9)

There is a large power plant in the area. Fish the barges, tie-offs, and the discharge. This area produces catfish, some monster flatheads, and largemouth bass. Some spotted bass are taken here as well.

New Richmond, Ohio (Ohio-Mile 450)

There is a year round launch ramp at New Richmond. It is somewhat poor with very poor parking but is convenient to the lower section of the pool.

There is a large marina just downstream from the ramp. Boats are docked there nearly all year. The area is productive for spotted and largemouth bass. Fish the docks and boats that are permanently moored at the marina. Of course, fish the docks.

In the summer when there is a lot of activity in the marina this area will produce stripers for the angler willing to fish the slack water behind the docks and boats.

Old Lock and Dam #35 (Kentucky-Mile 451)

There are some remnants of the old dam remaining but they are deep—below 14 feet at normal pool. Lots of quality catfish are taken from this old dam throughout the year.

Twelve Mile Creek (Kentucky-Mile 451.6)

This is marked for navigation only.

W. C. Beckjord Power Plant (Ohio Mile 453)

Fish the manmade structure and cover in the area of this power plant as well as the discharge. Some quality spotted and largemouth bass are taken here. The discharge produces stripers nearly all year.

This is considered a fine catfish spot by many local anglers.

Ten & Nine Mile Creeks (Ohio-Mile 455.3)

The mouths of these creeks can be productive, especially for bass. The water in these tributaries is shallow so proceed with caution.

Little Miami River (Ohio-Mile 463.7)

This is an excellent tributary that is consistently overlooked and under rated by both local and visiting anglers. The Little Miami produces fine catches of catfish and smallmouth bass for those who take the time to fish her with care. The Little Miami is shallow in unexpected places so fish and boat with great care. Most anglers use only their trolling motor.

Licking River (Kentucky-Mile 470.4)

The mouth of the Licking River is a very popular spot with both sauger and catfish anglers. The River itself produces some bass, especially during the spring and fall.

Downtown Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (Mile 469.5-473.5)

Do not let this urbanized area fool you. Some spectacular catches of stripers, hybrids, and catfish are taken in this stretch of the River.

Blue catfish are taken with regularity in the fall from the piers, businesses, and restaurants in the downtown area. Fish the bridge supports.

Striper and hybrid anglers are especially fond of fishing near the restaurants.

Most of this area is a “NO Wake” zone and it is enforced with vigor!

Marinas (Throughout This Area)

There are at least a score of marinas and boat dealers in this stretch of the River. Some are on the main River and others are located in cuts or sloughs off the main River. They produce bass, catfish and occasionally stripers/hybrids. Many bass and catfish tournaments have been won by anglers fishing these marinas.

Grain Loading Facilities (Throughout This Area)

The agricultural and grain loading terminals in this portion of the River are legendary for producing trophy flatheads and trophy stripers. If you are angling for these fish work these areas carefully.

Great Miami River (Ohio-Mile 491.1)

Just like its cousin, the Little Miami, this fishery is under fished, under rated, and under appreciated. It produces a wide variety of species during all 12 months of the year.

Tanner’s Creek (Indiana-Mile 495)

This tributary to the pool deserves special mention. It is long and deep. There is a wide variety of shoreline cover along its banks. In some areas are rock and stone, in others stumps and standing timber, and in yet others one can find manmade cover.

This creek is legendary among catfish anglers for its production of trophy flatheads. Many an angler tells the story of having his line stripped by an unseen fish.

It is also very popular among bass anglers. Given the cover availability and the length and depth of the creek it predictably produces numbers of keeper bass; mostly largemouth and spots but an occasional smallmouth is not unknown. It gets very crowded in the summer, however.

There is also a discharge at the power plant. Fish it! I do not care what you are fishing for, fish the discharge!

The Gambling Boats (Indiana-All along The Area)

The waters around the gambling boats in Indiana will occasionally produce fish. They are usually worth a cast or two.

Hogan Creek (Indiana-Mile 496.8)

Hogan Creek produces some fine catches of bass, especially in the first several hundred feet up from the mouth where it empties into the Ohio River. The upstream point is especially popular with crankbait anglers.

Laughery Creek (Indiana-Mile 498.9)

One of the better tributaries in the area.

Woolper Creek (Kentucky-Mile 499.8)

This creek, especially the mouth, is worth a cast or two, especially if you are seeking white bass or hybrids.

Belleview Sand and Gravel (Kentucky-Mile 502)

The rubble and rip rap in the area, as well as the manmade cover, will produce smallmouth bass from time to time.

Excellent flatheads are taken in this area as well.

Rising Sun, Indiana (Mile 506)

Regardless of the species you seek, fish the gambling boat and the marina.

Arnold Creek (Indiana-Mile 508.5)

Very popular with bass anglers fishing the area. Both the upstream and downstream points of the mouth hold largemouth and spots. The points can be real hotspots in the fall.

After fishing these points do not neglect the creek itself. This creek holds both bass and catfish.

Grant Creek (Indiana-Mile 510)

This creek holds bass when they are shallow. It is popular with a number of successful tournament anglers.

Gunpowder Creek (Kentucky-Mile 413.7)

Fish the mouth if you are seeking bass.

Landing Creek (Kentucky-Mile 414.8)

Fish the mouth if you are seeking bass.

Big Bone Creek (Kentucky-Mile 516.6)

A fine multi-species location.

Steeles Creek (Kentucky-Mile 518.6)

Some bass can be taken here if they are holding shallow.

Paint Lick Creek and Little Sugar Creek (Kentucky-Mile521.5-523)

Both of these creeks are excellent multi-species locations. There are a number of shallow areas in them so be careful when fishing and boating in the area.

Bryant Creek (Indiana-Mile 527.1)

One of the best tributaries on the pool, especially when you are in the general area of Markland Dam.

Craigs Creek (Kentucky-Mile 530)

One of the best tributaries on the pool, especially when you are in the general area of Markland Dam.

Markland Locks and Dam (Mile 531.5)

In some years weeds grow in the area near the dam. If they are there they will almost always hold bass, especially for the angler proficient in shallow water techniques.