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Plan B – Fish the Farm Ponds

OK guys, I’ve written enough about the glories of fishing the creeks and the backwaters at this time of the year. Given the weather — it’s horrible — I’d suggest something else. In truth, they’re a mess and not likely to get any better for awhile, especially if the weatherman knows what he’s talking about.

Besides, you’re likely to get stuck just trying to get back into those places. So, let’s go to Plan B. Try the farm ponds.

Every single one I’ve looked at over the last week is overflowing its banks. The water is up into the grass almost everywhere. Believe it or not, this will give you a shot at catching a monster bass, the kind of fish you can brag about for years.

Here’s the thing — flooded grass and shoreline bushes draw insects. The insects draw forage such as minnows and tiny game fish which, in turn, draw the bigger predators. It’s not uncommon to catch bass over 5 pounds in less than a foot of water under conditions like we have now.

You can throw a buzzbait or a trick worm and catch them. The very best bait of all, however, is a frog. Toss it right against the bank, or even right up on it. Bring it back slow at first. Speed it up if that doesn’t work. Two of the best frogs on the market for this technique are the Dean Rojas Bronzeye 65 and the Ish Monroe Phat Frog. (The Phat Frog is made by Snag Proof, a Cincinnati based lure company.)

Be quiet and careful when you approach the pond. Shallow fish spook easily.

As I write this I’m aware that the reservoirs are in the same shape as the ponds. And, I know that the bass are moving and feeding shallow in them just like they are in the ponds. But, I also know that there’s a lot more shoreline around the reservoirs and that your — and my — chances of catching a giant bass are better in a pond.