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5 Great, Fish-Catching Lures for River Bass

For those of you who want to do some bass fishing this year here’s a list of five baits that’ll get you through most of the year. As you can see it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune. You can fish and catch on a budget.

  1. A Trick Worm – River bass are notorious for holding shallow. At times they move up in the creeks into less than a foot of water, sometimes into as little as 4 or 5 inches. A wacky rigged — just run the hook through the egg sack — will catch them all day long. Circle hooks are the choice of top anglers. They make a secure hookset and rarely snag on slime and debris. Just remember, you don’t jerk on them to set the hook. A slow, steady pull with you rod tip works best.
  2. A Small (1/4-ounce) Popper – Work it along slow at first. Just make a few rings in the water every time you move it back towards the rod tip. If that doesn’t provoke a strike try speeding it up.
  3. A Buzzbait – Throw this lure as far back into the shallows as possible and then bring it back with a steady cadence. There are clackers and there are squeakers. Most guys have a preference but the truth is that both styles have caught a lot of bass. Carry a couple of each.
  4. A Square-Bill Crankbait – Toss these fish-catchers up against the bank and bring them straight out, towards the boat. You can also flip and pitch them. Bright colors seem to work best — maybe because they can see them better in the stained water. Tip: Some of the best are made by Ima. That should come as no surprise. They were designed by Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Bill Lowen, from North Bend, Ohio.
  5. A Big Creature Bait – Pick anything you like. Texas rig it with a big hook, a fairly heavy sinker so you can punch through the debris and toss it on a heavy rod and reel with stout braided line. Work every target from every angle.