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Dealing With Heavy Boat Traffic

We’re entering the season on the river when boat traffic gets heavy. Big pleasure boats, ski boats, barges and PWCs are everywhere. Many anglers curse this development. More savvy anglers embrace it.

First, let’s think about what fish are, and what they aren’t. They’re animals. Whatever happens in their world is normal to them. Fish living near a launch ramp are used to trucks and boats pulling into and out of the water. It means nothing to them.

Fish those areas. The fish will bite regardless of how much commotion is going on around them. It’s the occasional sound or splash that causes them to scurry away.

Second, water turbulence can be your friend. When the water churns it stirs the sediment. (Have you ever noticed how muddy the water gets along the shoreline after the rollers from a barge hit it?) This activates the feeding chain.

For bass, throw a reaction bait such as a crankbait, a metal bladebait or your favorite plastic. You’ll be surprised at the number of bites you get. If catfish are your thing go with something alive that moves around a lot or with something that has a fair amount of smell to it. Either one will help the fish find your bait in the murky water.

Use heavy boat traffic to your advantage this year. You’ll be glad you did.