Newburgh Pool

Tailrace Waters Below The Dam At Cannelton (Mile 720.7)

These waters consistently produce fish. This is an excellent catfish location – several true trophy flatheads have been caught in these waters.

Troy (Indiana-Mile 730.8)

Fish the man-made structure and cover in this area.

Anderson Bar & Anderson Island (Kentucky-Mile 7734-736.9)

This is a shallow water area that holds a number of fish, both catfish and bass. The area is full of snags and underwater obstructions. Boating in this area should be done with extreme care.

Fish the holes and depressions in the area for consistent success.

There are a number of small creeks and ditches in this area on both sides of the River. At times any one of them may be productive. Fish them all.

Pipeline Area (Mile 743.4)

Fish both sides of the River in the areas where the pipeline enters the water.

Do not anchor in this area.

Rockport (Indiana-Mile 747)

Fish the man-made structure and cover in this area.

Fish the small creeks and ditches just downstream from Rockport. Some of these may not look like much but at times they may be productive.

Owensboro (Kentucky-Mile 754-758.7)

This area has much man-made structure and cover. It will hold fish and be productive almost anytime the river is fishable.

Little Hurricane Island (Mile 761-763)

Fish around the entire island for both catfish and bass. The water in this area varies in depth so you need to find your own spots.

There are many snags and shallow spots in the area so boat and fish with care.

Ellis Island, French Island #1 & #2 (Mile 767)

This entire area should be fished carefully. This is an under fished, and under appreciated area of the pool.

As with most of these places one should boat carefully.

Scuffletown Island (Mile 774-776)

The channels on both sides of the island produce serious flatheads.

Newburgh Locks And Dam (Mile 776.1)

Fish the front area of the dam for catfish and around the edges for bass and stripers.

As with all dams, be careful and pay attention to what is going on around you.