Ohio River Angler’s Notes John T Myers Pool
John T Myers Pool

Tailrace Waters Below The Dam At Newburgh (Mile 776.1)

A consistent producer. At times these waters can be very dangerous.

Newburgh (Indiana-Mile 778)

Fish the manmade structure and cover in this area.

Old Lock And Dam #47 (Kentucky-Mile 777.7)

There is a fair amount of rubble and debris around this old dam. It will almost always hold catfish and at times bass.

Green River (Kentucky-Mile 784.2)

One of the best, if not the best, tributaries on the pool. The Green River is a steady producer of both bass and catfish. Fish the pools for cats and the shoreline cover for bass.

Cable Crossing (Mile 787)

Fish both sides of the River where the cable enters the water. Bass, white bass, hybrids, and catfish will hold in these areas.

Evansville, Indiana (Indiana-Mile 791-796)

Evansville is located on the outside bend of the River. The current, coupled with the bend in the River, tends to cause debris to collect along the manmade structure and cover. This produces some fine catches of fish despite the urbanization of the area.

This is an excellent catfish location. Many trophy flatheads have been taken here.

Dutch Island (Mile 797)

Fish the entire island for both catfish and bass. This area is shallow in places so boat with care.

Henderson, Kentucky (Kentucky-Mile 803)

There is a wide variety of manmade structure and cover in this area of the pool.

Henderson Island (Mile 806.5)

Fish around the entire island. There is a relatively deep channel on the back side, Kentucky, that will hold catfish nearly year round.

Deadmans Island (Mile 808)

Portions of this island hold substantial numbers of both bass and catfish. Fish it all. It is an ever changing area so make your own notes and mark your own locations.

Old Lock And Dam #48 (Indiana-Mile 809.6)

Like nearly all the old lock and dam areas there is rubble in the River. This is an excellent flathead location.

Cypress Bend (Indiana-Mile 814.3)

Debris collects along this outside bend and will upon occasion hold fish.

Diamond Island (Mile 818-822)

This huge island is a location deserving a book in and of itself. The island holds a variety of Ohio River fish in its varied structure and cover.

To properly fish this island and the surrounding waters will take some time. It is worth the effort however. Make your own notes and mark your own locations.

Mt. Vernon Towhead (Mile 828)

Fish this area with care—the water is shallow in places and can be hazardous to boaters. Fish the cut across the River on the Indiana side.

Mount Vernon (Indiana-Mile 829-830)

Fish the manmade structure and cover in the area.

Towhead Island & Slim Island (Mile 832-836)

This portion of the pool will hold bass when they are shallow.

Small Creeks & Ditches (Mile 836 to the Myers Dam)

Nearly all these small creeks and ditches will produce fish, especially bass. They are most productive in years when there is a good weed growth in the River.

John T. Myers Locks And Dam (Mile 846)

Look for weed growth and debris in front of the dam.

As always, be careful and pay attention to what is going on around you.