Cannelton Pool

The Cannelton Pool flows from the dam at Louisville, Kentucky to the dam at Cannelton, Mile 720.7.

It has both urban and rural areas and is one of the more popular pools on the River.

Tailrace Waters Below The McAlpine Dam (Mile 606.8)

These waters below the dam are popular with multi-species anglers all four seasons of the year. The area is well known for producing fine catches of catfish, especially flatheads. Some quality fish are taken each year from this area.

These waters will also produce stripers/hybrids for the angler willing to spend the time to learn how to catch them in the current.

Louisville, Kentucky (Mile 612)

For multi-species success fish all around the island and the surrounding area. This portion of the River is full of marinas, docks, barges, rock, rip rap, breakers, and manmade cover. Fish it all if you can; all the way up to the dam.

Remember: Fish use what is available to them. This includes manmade cover, structure and the like. They do not all live in the wilds of Canada!

Beeler Landing Daymark (Indiana-Mile 619.4)

There are a number of spots in this area, especially for bass anglers. Fish the Asphalt Terminal, the public access site and the Riverport.

There is also a pipeline area across the River that is worth a cast or two.

Farnsley Moreman Landing (Kentucky-Mile 622.8)

Several quality bass have been taken from this spot over the years. It does not look like much but it will, at time, hold fish.

Salt River (Kentucky-Mile 629.9)

One of the better multi-species spots on the pool. Fish the mouth for catfish and bass. Work shoreline cover for bass and the pools up in the river for catfish.

Some crappies and white bass are taken from the Salt River as well.

Old Lock And Dam #43 (Indiana-Mile 633.2)

This is a very popular catfish spot.

Mosquito Creek (Indiana-Mile 634.6)

Very popular with bass anglers—especially tournament anglers because of its reputation for keeper bass.

The water is shallow so boat with care.

Otter Creek (Kentucky-Mile 6636.4)

Otter Creek is an excellent multi-species tributary.

Rock Haven (Kentucky-Mile 637.9)

Fish this area for bass.

Brandenburg (Kentucky-Mile 646)

Fish the manmade structure in this area.

Buck Creek (Indiana-Mile 647.5)

The mouth of this creek gives up some fine flatheads each year. The cover in the surrounding area produces keeper bass on a regular basis.

New Amsterdam/Indian Creek (Indiana-Mile 656-657)

Fish the manmade structure and cover in the area. This is considered to be a sleeper spot by local anglers.

Upper Bleu River Island (Mile 661)

Fish around the entire island.

Blue River Island (Mile 662.8)

Much smaller than the Upper Island but the advice remains the same—fish all around it.

Blue River (Indiana-Mile 663)

Very popular multi-species location. Local anglers fish this area with regularity and have much success.

Old Lock And Dam #44 (Indiana-Mile 663.2)

The rubble and remaining structure from this old dam is somewhat deep but will produce fish, especially catfish.

Wolf Creek (Kentucky-Mile 677)

A fine multi-species tributary.

Little Blue River (Indiana-Mile 678.9)

The mouth of this creek is worth a cast or two. In years when there is weed growth in this area it can be a very productive.

Small Creeks (Kentucky-Mile 683-687)

There are a number of small creeks along the Kentucky bank. This is an area the consistently produces quality fish, of all species, year after year.

Flint Island (Kentucky-Mile 689)

This is an area that will, upon occasion, produce bass, catfish, stripers, and stripers.

Small Creeks (Mile 692-703.5)

There are scores of small creeks on both sides of the River in this area of the pool. Fish them with care. They hold fish.

Town Creek & Bull Creek (Kentucky-Mile 707.6)

These are two of the best bass tributaries in the lower section of the pool.

Cloverport (Kentucky-Mile 711.5)

Fish the man-made structure and cover in this area.

Millstone Creek (Indiana-Mile 717.4)

This is an excellent multi-species tributary located on an outside bend of the River. This combination will produce fish of all species for the skillful angler.

Deer Creek & Little Deer Creek (Indiana-Mile 719)

These two tributaries are worth some time. The fishing in this area can be sporadic but when these creeks are hot the fishing can be spectacular.

Cannelton Locks And Dam (Mile 720.7)

In years when there is weed growth in this pool the area in front of the dam, the upstream side, can afford excellent bass fishing.

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