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Nessie Lives in the Ohio River
Loch Ness Monster Head

Now, right now, there is living proof the legendary Loch Ness monster lives. The problem of verifiable sightings has finally, at long last, been resolved. And resolved to the satisfaction of anyone who is willing to investigate the matter themselves with an open mind.

Beginning with the reported sighting by D. Mackenzie, in October of 1871, the legend of the Loch Ness monster began. He described the monster as long, “log like”, and similar to an upturned boat. (This is a common description of Nessie.) He further described the creature as moving off slowly, across the surface of the water, and then picking up speed as she disappeared in the distance.

His sighting occurred in the Loch of Ness in the north of Scotland. Loch Ness is the largest loch located in the Great Glen. The Ness is large; 23 miles long and a mile in width. It averages 600 feet in depth with the deepest point approximately 740 feet deep. There is a cavern at her bottom that is somewhat deeper–more on that later.

A number of sightings during the early 1900′s culminated in a virtual avalanche of sightings during the 1930′s, including the legendary sighting by Mr. and Mrs. Spicer.

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