Nessie Lives in the Ohio River
Nessie Lives in the Ohio River

Now, right now, there is living proof the legendary Loch Ness monster lives. The problem of verifiable sightings has finally, at long last, been resolved. And resolved to the satisfaction of anyone who is willing to investigate the matter themselves with an open mind.

Beginning with the reported sighting by D. Mackenzie, in October of 1871, the legend of the Loch Ness monster began. He described the monster as long, “log like”, and similar to an upturned boat. (This is a common description of Nessie.) He further described the creature as moving off slowly, across the surface of the water, and then picking up speed as she disappeared in the distance.

His sighting occurred in the Loch of Ness in the north of Scotland. Loch Ness is the largest loch located in the Great Glen. The Ness is large; 23 miles long and a mile in width. It averages 600 feet in depth with the deepest point approximately 740 feet deep. There is a cavern at her bottom that is somewhat deeper–more on that later.

A number of sightings during the early 1900′s culminated in a virtual avalanche of sightings during the 1930′s, including the legendary sighting by Mr. and Mrs. Spicer.

On July 22, 1933 the Spicers were motoring on the road between Dores and Inverfarigaig. They encountered a “most extraordinary form of animal” on the road ahead of them. This was some 20 yards distant from the water of the Loch. They saw the long neck first, followed by a great body with a tail bringing up the rear. They reported it as moving in an undulating fashion, forming humps along its back as it crossed the road.

They continued along the highway towards the beast but when they arrived at the spot where it had been there was nothing to see. The creature was gone, vanished without a trace. Interestingly enough, they did not report hearing a splash or any other commotion as it entered the water. They reasoned the water was the only place it could have gone. Mr. and Mrs. Spicer guessed it to be about 4 feet high and perhaps 25 feet in length. (Again, this is a common description for the creature.)

There have been a multitude of expeditions over the years looking for Nessie. Some have used traps of every conceivable manner, some have used photographic equipment, and still others have used modern sonar technology to attempt to locate the beast. Alas, all have failed.

There has been, however, a recent finding that may set forth some light on this legend. Mr. George Edwards, local tour guide and Nessie hunter, found in 1989, a deep cavern at the bottom of the Loch. This cavern is approximately 812 feet deep and is believed to be deep enough and large enough to provide a home for a creature of this size.

Sightings have continued, more or less on a regular basis, over the years with the most recent, creditable, sighting by Gordon Strang on September 22nd, 1998. After that there are no verifiable sightings for nearly 4 years. All that has been solved.

You can go to Scotland, stay at the Lenie House, a bed and breakfast near the shore of the Loch, and search for her yourself. Or, if time and finances prohibit this, you can just cruise the Ohio River.

There has been a creditable sighting of Nessie at the entrance to White Oak Creek. She was resting proudly on the Ohio side of the river looking out over the marina with her neck stretched majestically out over the water. Her back, complete with humps, protrudes from the water. She is green in color, with large sharp teeth shining brightly in the sunlight. She is a fierce looking creature, indeed.

How did Nessie travel from Scotland to the Ohio River? Only she knows. Seems likely, however, she was somehow able to escape the Loch through the Ness River, work her way around Europe, cross the Atlantic, enter North America through the coastal area, and work her way up the river systems to the Meldahl Pool. Maybe that sounds far fetched but, hey, stranger things have happened.

I realize that in these cases there are always those who doubt. I have seen her; she is there. Yes, I have photos. They are genuine, (the photos), and perhaps will, someday, be published. In the meantime, if you doubt she is here, check for yourself the next time you are running around the river. Reports from local anglers attribute the slow summer fishing to her presence.

Maybe, just maybe, a big shad colored crankbait rigged with a wire leader on heavy saltwater equipment…